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Parking Plan

Project Overview

The City of Eureka is developing a Parking Plan. This plan will analyze the existing parking demand and supply and provide implementable strategies that balance the parking utilization for all users, including residents, business employers and visitors. With increasing development in Downtown Eureka, the City will continue to thrive and attract more vehicular trips resulting in an increase in parking demand. Parking strategies will uphold the objectives to ensure balanced use of public parking, while maintaining economic vibrancy of Downtown Eureka.

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Project Area

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Parking Data

The map below shows the parking supply in the Study Area.


Directions: Navigate the map to find existing parking supply and restrictions. Use mouse wheel or provided buttons to zoom in and out. Pan by selecting the map or using your device's touch screen. Use the interactive legend to view parking supply and demand. Select each parking lot or curb for more details.


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Project Updates

10/15/2021: View the parking data section for parking data.  

10/15/2021: Downloadable materials, plans, and reports will be uploaded here when they are available.

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For more information, please contact:

Scott Ellsmore

Traffic Project Manager

City of Eureka